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Another pet peeve is the lack of a 90 degree sort and the list function is not very powerful BUT the price is right for the basic deal My wife lectures there occasionally. Charles is a friend of hers and ironically we share the same birthdate For enthusiasts of the spiritual side of astrology, holy smokes Well written and interesting When he handed me the book he told me about his good friend Clifford who created the iPhemeris Clifford too is accessible through his app and extrmely responsive He also recently said he'd take a look at creating the combo search function Seriously cannot beat the economy on this app He obviously doesn't need the money I think the mission is to take advantage of the rising tide in astrology and to make a small contribution to the movement with an incredible app Good luck All the best, HVA Tim.

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Lopaka Sr. I had the same problem about two years ago. My old laptop died, and the new 64 bit machines would not let me load, much less run even in compatibility mode , my old Winstar disks. I spent about six months looking around and finally settled on Winstar Pro.

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My old files are compatible, with some conversion; I am familiar with the system's overall organization; it is powerful with a full array of features; new features for file saving allow more portability and utility; and costs are comparable with the other major astrology software. I wish the files were compatible with or convertible to Microsoft Office files, but the ability to save the Winstar output as PDF files alleviates some of that lack.

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I take nothing away from the other systems. This is just how I made my decision. Have fun.

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The law, in its infinite wisdom, forbids the rich as well as the poor, to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread. Halina Hero Member Posts: I have 4 systems Solar Fire I use most of the time and for posting to Tyl site Astrodeluxe, now into version 9. Don't like Astrodeluxe charts Looking for software for your Mac? Astrograph also offers an astrology app for the iPad and iPhone. Looking for a free chart?

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When you order your personalized map, you get a link you can use to navigate around the world, displaying and hiding the lines you want. The map also includes descriptions of each line's influence. We have heard many complaints from customers of theirs who have never received their reports.

Order directly from us instead.

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His book Astrologik is recommended. ARHAT publish translations of ancient astrological texts, and analyses of older techniques geared for the modern reader. He is also a trained counselor and teacher. If you don't know your birth time, a trained rectification expert can reverse-engineer your birth time using events from your life.

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Rectification works best if you know the birth time at least within a 6-hour window. Here's where to start Framed, they measure approximately 7. This comprehensive site is dedicated to Vedic astrology. The Mountain Astrologer , astrological journal with an impressive variety of articles, geared for students and professionals alike. Interested in Vedic astrology? Get a free Vedic mini report with an image of your Vedic astrology chart, or buy a detailed report.

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Also, take a look at their free tutorial on Vedic astrology.