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Head line crossing point represents age around 35 to 36 and Heart line crossing point represents 54 to 55 of age. Sun Mount In Palmistry Represents: Artists of any kind, singing and dancing, high position in any organization or rise high in business. Saturn is a planet of hard-work, discipline, this is the planet of responsibilities, honesty, practicality etc. Too much of anything is not good.

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Always remember Saturn is the significator of 8 th house in astrology, so which part of your life Saturn will dominate will take through sufferings. Sometimes suffering comes in the form of learning some lessons. Actually it always wants to show you the practical part of life and shows you the lack where you should work on to improve. If Fate line is good then these type of people get success but after a long hardships.

Saturn rules the old age or later age in life. To know what type of work a person can be expert at, you need to know their hardworking characteristics. Their decisions always fluctuate. These kinds of people should not be at responsible work profile if they are, so it will be a mess. If the middle finger is lean towards ring finger, it makes the person very energetic.

If Sun line is ok, so they become very famous in their field of work, because they know how to start a work and how to finish it. This combination gives quality to become a successful entrepreneur.

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Whereas a Spatula fingertip indicates a lower level stuff or a clerk only, because they do not have their own conception to apply, they only know to carry out the order given by higher authorities. They do not have the quality to understand the difference between good and bad. They are reluctant to use their brain on anything without what they are really passionate about. They always stay in a fearful mental stage. If something happens they are the first to react. They are also very sensitive to supernatural powers.

The oval shape finger will give a prudent characteristic, they do any work with a lot of care and very much aware of the future outcome. These type of people are very religious too. They will be well suited for where financial responsibilities are there, like an accountant if Jupiter is also supporting so — the head of the accounts department etc. You should not go to those working field where working pattern changes in daily or short term basis.

Saturn makes a person very straight forward in their approach, what they say, they say in upfront. It makes them very honest too.

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If it is a job they should be always suited for administrative jobs, HR jobs. Sometimes they become very much perfectionist and also misunderstood by people around. In the case of business, these kind of people should go to land business, agriculture related business, iron related business etc.

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Here I will only discuss the career part of the fate line. Fate line on right hand : If fate or destiny line only appears on the right palm that means the person will achieve success in life on his own credibility, they are also called self-made people. They make their own way and achieve their target or goal.

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With this, if Saturn mount or finger is also strong so the person will achieve all those after a lot of hard work. Here other parameters of a hand should be judged. Career Development in the later age: when the fate line touches the head line, that point represents 34 to 35 years of age.

From head line to heart line this middle point represents 36 to 55 and when it crosses the heart line that age is above 54 to 55, in case of career, especially in jobs, it is the age of retirement. From this age division, we easily can find out that whether our retirement will be a peaceful experience or not. If it ends at the headline and again starts from another side of the head line split — here it is not a straight fate line , it means the person will change his career path after 35 years of age.

Now what type of career path it could be that will depend on some other factors of hand. Same applies for heart line too. Then the fate line will work as a business line. Generally business line can start from anywhere in the palm but its destination should be towards Mercury mount. Somebody also call it health line. But in my experience I have seen that health line and business line is different.

Though destination of both lines are same but if you calculate ages properly so you will find that two lines are giving totally different results at the same age. I will discuss about this line later in detail. These type of fate lines do give result after age of If fate line starts from Moon mount it denotes any career connected to mass.

Actually, the moon represents mass. I have seen on some astrologers, advocates, public figures palm this type of connection is present. If there is any impact of Moon on fate line so the person will earn through public related jobs or business.

But in case of astrologers. Palmist or any occult related profession Saturn mount and finger should prominent especially vertical lines. Any upwards branch from fate line indicates dual income. Especially if the fate line starts from life line , For example, some people do job and business at the same time and later they may leave the job or may continue with the job.

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Whether the person will continue with the job or not that depends on other factors of the palm but upwards line definitely indicates towards dual income. If the fate line is starting form any other part of the palm not from head and life line so that indicates a promotion in a job or sudden rise in income somehow. If many up facing lines are there on active Mars mount under jupiter mount and inside life line towards Jupiter, and Jupiter mount is also healthy, so at that age, sudden gain of wealth is indicated. Saturn Mount In Palmistry Represents: Astrologers, any occult related fields, business related to real estate, coal mines, iron, any kind of contractors especially building , agencies NGO , oil related business etc.

Little finger in Palmistry represents Mercury characteristics. A long little finger represents a witty characteristic, where as a short little finger can make a person less confident with a lack of decision-making power. The native suffers from indecisiveness. This finger should be long and straight to get the good result out of it. A pointed tip little finger represents a tactful, and diplomatic person. It gives very good communication power.

If the tip is squared in shape so it denotes expertise in teaching fields and business too, if Jupiter is also well developed so, the business will be related to teaching. It can be any institution related business etc. This finger actually deals with communication.

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The longer the finger the person would be the that much good communicator. Here the quality of communication is the main factor. Generally, I have seen many reputed and successful lawyers, politicians, public speakers, motivators etc. Always take the first phalange of ring finger to measure the height of this finger, below the first phalange, it considered to be short and above will be considered as long. Should be remembered — Saturn represents practicality and Jupiter denotes idealism. If you want to be a doctor and you do not have these signs so do not think that you cannot become a doctor. This is just one combination among many others what represents profession in medical field. But, vertical lines in Mercury mount, this is really very good indication if you are a doctor.

It means that you have an inherent quality to heal people. These type of people can solve many critical cases.